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About Me:

I’ve never been one of the cool people in life. I tend to be the somebody that everyone loves, but gets close to no one. I’ve been known to make people laugh, be there to help friends with problems, and to always be diligent with my commitments.

I began swimming competitively when I was eight, and have continued to swim regularly for the past fifteen years of my life.

I loathe the stereotypes of geeks; I’m proud to enjoy video games and computers, but I also am a socialite. I’m drawn to people who are off-beat, because they usually have more to offer than status quo.

Nothing is more attractive than a well-constructed sentence; bonus points if both spelling and grammar are in order.

My priorities in real-time are never organized correctly.

My ultimate goal is to get married and start a family with some gorgeous man, living a subliminal, but normal life.

My more immediate goal is to have more spontaneous adventures.

Once I care about someone, when I cross that line, I will never stop caring about them.

"You’re going to grow up and meet lots of people. And you’re going to lose a lot of people too. So don’t forget. Enjoy the moments you have together, because nothing lasts forever."

Also, I have my own personally dedicated rap song.

Check out my biography, it's called Jabberywocky

The best way to find more about me is to fall into the rabbit hole.

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